Loan Programs

We specialize in finding the perfect home financing solution in Los Angeles for you and your unique situation.

We specialize in providing the perfect home financing solution for you and your family. We offer unparalleled Real Estate financing solutions. Our commitment to customer satisfaction, a streamlined process and integrity drive our unequaled services. Take a look at our various mortgage programs below and see how we have helped thousands of people make homeownership a reality.

Conventional Loans
Are you looking to purchase a primary home or an investment property? If so, our conventional loans in Los Angeles County are the premier option for you. In addition, our conventional loans offer many down payment options starting as low as 3% with lower costs than government programs and the ability to go to an adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM) or fixed-rate mortgage.



VA and FHA Loans
If you are eligible, our government-backed mortgages may be an excellent solution. VA and FHA home loans programs allow for a down payment as low as zero to 3.5%; lower rates with flexible qualifying guidelines. If you are not sure whether or not you qualify, we would be glad to assess your situation to determine your eligibility.



Reverse Mortgages
Reverse mortgages have become an important component in the retirement plan for seniors at all levels of net worth by creating more cash flow. If you are 62 years and older it’s possible you can borrow part of your home’s equity as tax-free income.




Jumbo Loans
We have access to Jumbo loans up to $30 Million, so no matter what you envision for your home, we have the right financial options available for you. With our jumbo loan products, you’re only as limited as your imagination.



Investment Property/ No Documentation Loans
We offer several financing options to accommodate your investment property needs. Whether you are looking to purchase an investment property or seeking a financing option that requires little to no documentation, our no documentation mortgage loans may be the perfect solution for you.



Bank Statement Loans
Do you need to explore a more non-traditional route? Then this unconventional loan option may be the perfect fix for you. As a premier bank statement Mortgage Lender, our services enable you to verify your income using documented bank deposits instead of tax forms.
Second mortgage


Do you have a great interest rate on your First Mortgage and would like to access your equity? Here’s the perfect solution: a Second Mortgage will allow you to access your equity. No matter your reason for pursuing a second mortgage, we can help you find the perfect second mortgage loans for your unique circumstances. Plus, we guarantee total transparency, communicative service, fair rates, and streamlined applications.